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Vraja Waclawski


Vraja oversees website administration as well as communication between reception and teachers. She is a mother of two as well as a student through mridangamusicacademy.com. She has an affinity for Kirtan, and had her first music lesson experience when travelling to Vrindavan, India. Her hobbies include going on weekly harinams with her husband and kids and cooking. 

Bada Haridas Prabhu, B Mus.

Teacher: Harmonium, Mridanga, Karatals, Voice, Theory and Composition 

Known for his inspiring and soulful chants, Bada Haridas has studied and performed Indian devotional music, including Indian classical music and raga since 1975. Originally trained in classical music and jazz, he earned his degree from the University of Southern California (USC) in music composition, and a scholarship for his graduate studies at the Institute for Advanced Musical Studies in Montreau, Switzerland. Bada Haridas artistically blends his many influences to create unique music in celebration of the divine. A sincere practitioner of bhakti yoga, there is a depth to Bada Haridas’ music and quality of singing that is simply captivating. Bada Haridas has produced numerous recordings of Vaisnava songs and poetry, especially the works of Narottama Das Thakura and Bhaktivinoda Thakura. He travels internationally, presenting seminars on Vaisnava songs and devotional practices. He is also a celebrated Kirtan singer and performs at festivals around the world. Bada Haridas, his wife and two children currently live in Gainesville, Florida, where he teaches mridanga, harmonium, voice, music theory and composition. In his home studio he composes, arranges and records devotional music in traditional and contemporary styles. In addition to producing his own original music, he produces recordings for many other artists.

Nandapriya Devi Sikdar

Teacher: Harmonium, Mridanga, and Voice

Nandapriya has grown up in a culture of music since she was a child, and has had a keen interest in learning various classical styles of music such as Carnatic, Hindustani, and Gaudiya Kirtan. She has a strong musical foundation developed by studying under HG Bada Haridas Prabhu for many years, who taught not only technical finesse, but an appreciation Kirtan, understanding the true purpose behind  chanting, and seeking out the nectar in Kirtan... lessons she still strives to absorb and practice today. Nandapriya later continued her musical studies for three years at the Sangeet Yogashram academy in India. She studied classical Hindustani vocal and harmonium, and music theory under the tutelage of Shree Veereshwar Madri, a disciple of Padma Bhusan Pandit Puttaraj Gawai of the Gwalior Gharana. She has performed at two formal concerts in Chennai, and currently teaches students both privately and in school at the Bhaktivedanta Academy in Alachua, FL. Nandapriya is also a visual artist and art instructor, a graduate from the University of Florida with a Bachelors of Fine Arts.

Visvambhar Sheth

Teacher: Mridanga, Harmonium, Tabla, Bansuri-Flute

Visvambhar is the epitome of East meets West. He is deeply rooted in Indian traditions but also a product of Western pop culture. As a child, Vish traveled all over India in a Padayatra, a spiritual circus with elephants and camels, winning over large audiences with his singing. He studied Sanskrit and traditional Indian instruments in Krishna’s childhood home of Vrindavan, near Delhi. He returned to the United States in time for a punk rock teenhood. Already a skilled multi-instrumentalist playing mridanga, harmonium, tabla, and bansuri-flute, Vish added guitar and bass to his list. Vish has taught students how to play the mridanga, harmonium, tabla, and bansuri-flute all over the world now for the past 10 years. The dub grooves, positive mental attitude, and compelling delivery of eastern and western music stayed with him as he developed into a powerfully emotive kirtan leader. Vish is also The Mayapuris’ lead vocalist. 

Prahlad Griffith - Mridanga Teacher

Prahlad Griffith

Teacher:  Mridanga, Voice, Harmonium 

Prahlad moved to Mayapur, India when he was 5 and has lived there for the past 17 years, only recently coming back to the United States. He started playing mridanga at a young age but has been intensively studying mridanga and kartäls for the past 7 years under HG Radha Govinda Prabhu. He also learned Harmonium under Deep Ranjan Sarkar (a top Harmonium player in the district), Pankaj Prabhu (Aindra Prabhu and Sri Prahlad Prabhu’s teacher) for 5 years. He also learned western vocals from Brett Manning Studios, a world renowned voice institute.  In 2012, Prahlad encountered some wrist injuries as well as strained vocal chords. Consequently he has experience with rehabilitating for mrdanga as well as singing. It was due to these injuries that Prahlad discovered his love for teaching. Prahlad enjoys inspiring his students to become the best they can be.

Krsna Dulal Das, B.MUS

Teacher: Piano, Bass, Organ, Harmonium, Voice

Krsna Dulal das studied piano under Andrew Tunis and Susan Tellner at the University of Ottawa. He also studied voice and organ under Matthew Larkin, a well known Music Director in the Ottawa area. Krsna Dulal is currently the Organist/ Music Director at St. Richard's Anglican Church in Ottawa. Krsna Dulal  has taught and performed many different styles of music including east indian, classical, rock, jazz,  contemporary pop, and more.

Phillippe Lussier - Guitar Teacher

Pradyumna Das - BA Guitar

Teacher: Guitar, Harmonium, Mridanga, Voice

Pradyumna das has a great interest in playing and sharing Kirtan events. He comes to us with a Bachelor's degree in Jazz/Jazz Studies from the university of Auckland, New Zealand. He has a wide variety of experience in musical composition, arrangement, performance and production, and has been teaching guitar since 2001 in both private and group settings. In addition, due to his musical background, his travels in India, and his visits to numerous Kirtan niches wordwide, Pradyumna has also become versed in the playing and teaching of Harmonium, Mridanga,     and Voice. 

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